Perhaps you’ve read articles that tell you the same Facebook techniques: Upload photos, be sure to ask questions, and make sure you post at an optimal time. Repeat this frequently and you are on your way to being a social media megastar. Right?

If you work in the social media space, you’ve heard these generic strategies over and over.

As a company, you do not want your Facebook page to look just like any other regular page. For example, you can create custom tabs on your page where you can add every entry. This makes it extremely easy for visitors who visit the page to find something that may interest them. Also, you can completely change the tab order to bring forward and highlight the most significant information.

However, and this is important, do not let your Facebook page gather dust! Companies and businesses often make the tragic mistake of believing that it’s enough for them to create a Facebook page and just abandon it. If you really want to be successful on this popular social media platform, it is strongly advisable to visit it from time to time and post interesting and meaningful content.

To get people to like you and follow your page on Facebook, the first and golden rule is to be present, with engaging entries that will create buzz and attract people to your business. All the same, if you do not have the time to manage your Facebook page, you can ask one of your employees to do it.

You likely know that Facebook tops the list of social media platforms that people use for both fun and business. We use it to chat with our friends or share the things we value such as videos, photos or even documents. Some people, particularly business owners, use it as their main source of traffic and sales and as a number one spot for branding.

Social media marketing is about the little details. This post isn’t telling you to post a photo or ask a question. It’s here to tell you to think outside of the box and dig deeper, analyze and make little changes that can make a big impact. Listed below is a collection of data-driven Facebook engagement techniques and strategies that will help you achieve your Facebook marketing goals.

Create Engagement

One special thing you should learn about Facebook marketing is that it is based first and foremost on engagement. Start a discussion with those visiting and liking your Facebook page. Offer them amazing discounts, tips, and bonuses if they sign up with you, but don’t forget to ask them what they really want as well.

Through polls, surveys and other interactive strategies, you can make your Facebook page go from stale and boring to a fully animated one. Since more people gather in places that are already experiencing an influx of visitors, you will be on your path to success with this fantastic Facebook marketing strategy.


Think Outside The Box And Create Facebook Contest

In 2013, a report stated that 35% of Facebook followers like a page so that they can take part in contests.

People love contest and freebies. Doing a Facebook contest for your fans and followers will give you higher engagement scores and activity. A simple “caption-this-photo” contest can generate 6 times more connects than ordinary posts.

In addition, if you sell products, you might want to give out one of your products as a prize; whereas if you offer services, possibly a free design, 1-hour consultation, or whatever the service you offer, can be used as the prize. Make sure that everybody can join and don’t forget to promote it!

Offer Exclusive Deals

Honestly, getting people to like your Facebook page and get glued to it is really not that difficult. The supreme key is to offer them great deals that they cannot find anywhere else. For instance, you can set up exclusive deals that only people coming from Facebook can take advantage of.

Everybody loves exclusives and it is a unique way for you to enhance your success. Facebook marketing is not an exact science and you will need to try different things until you find the best method and tactics. Nevertheless, the secret is never to give up!

Leverage The Existing Traffic To Your Site

It is strongly advisable to have a website for every business since it will serve as your sales transaction hub or storefront where your products are displayed for people to buy or where they’ll learn more about your services.

At the same time, you can simply leverage the existing traffic on your website by putting social media icons that can be easily seen and clicked, with direct links to your Facebook page and/or any other social media pages you have.

Check out this hot Facebook Marketing Tip:

Most business websites put their social media icons above their home page or header since it’s the area where these icons could be most easily seen. Hence, this great move provides better click-through rate (CTR) placements.

Use Stock Images And Videos For Your Content Updates

People love visuals such as images, videos, and illustrations. They can also be seen easily on Facebook News Feed, which makes them so easy to engage with.

Posts that contain photos receive 120% more engagement than the regular average post, while posts that include photo albums received 180% more engagement.

These are Facebook Marketing Tricks you should take good note of. You might want to put a call-to-action text on every photo description with shortened links to your website to gain more traffic.

Why shortened links? According to research, shorter posts get 23% more interaction. Moreover, posts with 250 characters or more can get you 60% more engagement, while posts below 80 characters can ultimately help you gain 66 % more engagement. Amazing!

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Final Thought And Ideas

In summary, Facebook is the most lucrative social media platform with over 700 million active users and over 1 billion registered members. Learning the above-mentioned tips and strategies is an opportunity to take advantage of this gold mine and expand your business.

Facebook marketing and any other social media marketing campaign are synonymous to a courtship in real life. You should patiently do it step-by-step until you built the kind of relationship you wish to have.

One last note, there will certainly be more Facebook Marketing ideas and strategies out there, but I assure you that the tips listed above will definitely give your Facebook business a huge lift.