5 Potential Reasons Your Website was Hacked

by | Jun 23, 2016 | Blog | 0 comments


Many people think their website cannot be hacked, may be they thought their site is not popular or not in the front page of Google or may be it is not worth much for any hacker to attempt to hack it.

This is far from the truth.

Hackers hack website for many reasons which may include stealing your data or even using your server as a center for sending spam messages or setting up their own server within your server without been noticed and they will be using it for illegal activities.

Hacking is not a physical thing, it is normally carried out through some automated scripts in a coded written manner to scout the internet to exploit website with security issues in software applications. That is why updating your software regularly is very important.

Reasons why your website was hacked and solutions;

Outdated Scripts Used

Many scripts are used these days to develop a very good website in order to have firm control over your site from databases to perl, java and many more scripts. Hackers always target these script in order to gain access to your website and ultimately to your server. When a script is detected to have known issues or having an exploit, hackers try to take advantage of it. So developer always come with update for this kind of script to prevent cyber-attacks, so try to update your outdated script or contact your hosting company to do it for you and some are even done automatically.

Security of Your own Computer

Security of your computer connected to the internet is very important. If your computer is compromised or hacked, your personal information may be stolen; your website login details and even your credit card information will be obtained by the hackers. This give them access to your online resources using your own information. It is advisable to get good and paid anti-virus internet security.


Phishing Email Issues

Phishing emails are meant to steal your credentials. Hackers sometime sent an email that look so real, legitimate and convincing to people asking them to provide login details to some links provided by them. These links are not real and could sometime lead to hacked websites with false page in order to get valuable information about your website. These kinds of emails are the main reason why cyber laws should be enforced to the letter. Please don’t fall to this kind of email and don’t release your login details to any website or any links.

Third-Party Software

If you are using WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc to develop your website, you will notice that the use of third party plugins, components, widgets and others are very important for website building and these can lead to issues with your website. Many developers of this third party software have abandoned the software without any further update while some update regularly. You must check for update on a regular basis and discontinue the one that have no update to keep your website safe from hackers.

Indirect Server Hacks

Many hackers try indirect means of hacking your website especially when you are using shared hosting server. These servers make use of same CPU, drives and even same memory for so many website on the shared hosting server. The issue is, if any of the website in the shared server should have issue of compromise, this may lead to hacker having indirect access to your data. So try to avoid shared hosting plan and if you cannot afford to buy dedicated server, then you should try to pay for dedicated IP in the shared hosting.