You know what I can’t stand?

Why have an online chat button on your site if you don’t answer it? Another pet peeve of mine is when I contact a business owner on their site and it says that they will respond within 48 hours.

Guess what business owners. I will have already bought what I need in 48 hours. Heck in 24 hours, it’s done.

If your website is guilty of these horrid offenses, then I’m talking to you.

An interesting study was done out of Harvard Business Review that found out the importance of speedy responses when it comes to converting leads into paying customers. The report included that the companies who responded to their potential customers quickly within an hour were likely to have more paying customers than those companies who gave delayed Responses to their potential customers.

Converting online leads into paying customers sure is an intimidating task, but, at the same time, they are a great source for the success of your business. The biggest problem that most companies face is a lack of timing and management as they do not have enough systems in place in order to respond to their customers on time. So how can you make the online leads convert into paying customers? Check out these rules below:

1.     Do not keep the online leads waiting!

Take this one as the most important rule. Imagine you own a burger shop and a customer walks up to you hungry, asking for a burger. Now would you take his or her order and ask them to wait for (24) twenty-four hours? Obviously not. The buyer is starving; the customer wants his order now! Online leads work the same way, if you make them wait, you will lose you potential paying customer. You will never get a second chance and within minutes they would have moved onto another company to buy the same product they were looking for.


2.     Build Speed

To ensure that online leads are converting to paying customers, you will have to adjust the incentives ad metrics. For instance, you can also make reps accountable and track response time or introduce incentives for real-time quick responses. Perhaps the best way is to make your tea understand Rule number 1, once they see the leads a hungry customers, they will be motivated enough to respond them immediately that will result into more sales.

3.     Automated Responses

An automated responder can serve as a good back in times when an immediate personal is not present to respond to the potential customer. However, you need to make sure that these automated responses are reflective and personalized and does not make the potential customers go away.


4.     Keep Your Online Leads Warm

Even if you simply call the leads after a few minutes of completing a small task, he or she will no longer be interested in buying your product. But they did show interest in you service or product so do not miss the chance to keep your customers warm while on the call. Customers care begins before any sale is made. Keep them up to date and let them know that you care and they will surely come back to buy more!

Keep these rules in mind if you are looking forward to converting online leads into paying customers!  If you like the article please share!