Hang on. Just give me a second.

I need to post this one thing. Now, I want to see how many likes this picture can get because, of course, it’s all about the likes right?

That may be more true than ever soon.

As you spend your time reading this,  people are amassing more followers and posting their pictures on Instagram. Instagram is one of the social networks that gained popularity extremely quickly and in 2014 finally passed twitter in number of users. Instagram has become one of the most effective and beneficial social networks to drive traffic to online businesses as well as to share images and connect with other people. With the introduction of Instagram’s new business tools it has officially become a central part of every advertisers online marketing campaign!  The new tools introduced by Instagram will help businesses stand out, get insights and find more customers!

New Business Profiles

Instagram got in touch with hundreds of business users to understand what they needed. One conclusion they reached was the creation of Business Profiles. These new accounts area a free feature for people who want their accounts to be identified as a business. But these new Business Profile’s will be only given to those who already have a Facebook page to make it more easier to acquire information like their street address, the phone number, and the website. Furthermore, the profile owner can decide how people call, text  email or get direction to their business with a tap of the contact button.

Insights – A Major Game Changer

The new Insights tool is a major game changer on the social network marketing landscape as it allows people to actually get feasible information about who their clients are and what kind of content appeals to them. Information like this if accurate can make a world of difference for the business allowing them to develop better strategies and techniques to further appeal to their current client base and acquire new clients – all this is now possible directly from within the app!

The insights tool will allow you to see all statistics like top posts, reach, impressions and engagement as well as information about the followers such a , their gender, age, location and a lot more beneficial information. But the down side those without a verified business via Facebook might not be able to use he insight feature initially, though Instagram did mention that it would be testing the Insight tool with Instagram accounts that have a large following to determine its future use – this means those without a Facebook business page might be able to use it someday!

Finding More Customers

Similar to the Facebook Ad Feature Instagram has added a Promote tool that allows you to advertise high-performing posts into ads through the mobile app. To promote a post, simply pick a post you’ve already shared, choose whether you want to target an audience or get targeting advice from Instagram, choose a time limit for how long you want your ad to run and you’re done! That’s all you have to do to promote your posts and gain more followers efficiently and quickly but take a look at this article to see when are the best times to post on Instagram!