E-mail Lists? Really?

Email is the most powerful communication tool online to date. Social media websites ask you for your email address every time you go out to create an account. All the companies you apply to for a job, demand it from you for further interaction. Every work day starts with people going through their emails first thing in the morning. Most workplaces have emails as the main source of communication amongst the employees. All this and the fact that billions of people all over the world are still using emails shows the power of this tool.

In today’s times, the digital world is turning into a huge marketing platform. Companies are coming up with digital strategies, hiring agents who excel in digital marketing to sell online. In short, internet marketing is the next big thing to have hit our world off lately.

Since, email is such a powerful tool, reaching out to people through their emails seems like a sensible thing to do nowadays. The way you can communicate through emails you can’t any other way.

Building up email lists

There are many online tools available that help you build email lists of your own. You can enter any search criteria and it will pull a list for you. You can get lists based on names, domain and even alphabets as well.

Other than these tools, you can always pull out email connections from your LinkedIn if you intend to address to a certain kind of audience.

Importance of email lists 

The following are few of the reasons why building an email list is of great importance nowadays.

·       Communicating through emails is beneficial since it lets you add your personal touch to your offers. Knowing you are having a one-to-one communication with the other person, gives you the comfort to tailor make your message just for him. In the same way, you can divide up your lists in many sets and address to them in different ways.

·       Email list provides a diverse platform to build up acquisitions from different niches of life. No matter what it is that you want to be promoted; some article, book, video, campaign. Reaching out through emails will let you do that in a very effective way.

·       If you run a blog or a website you would know how important it is to generate traffic on it. In such cases the email lists help you a lot.  Every time you write a blog post, you can have a notification sent out to the email list you have. If not new, it will at least alert the same visitors to come visit again. Same goes for the websites too.

·       In the case of marketing, email lists prove to be a great marketing tool. You can send out sales letters to your email lists, informing them about the product you are selling and convincing them to come and give it a try. With emails you have a huge audience you can connect with for different purposes.


·       Looking to hire someone and can’t find someone fitting your job description? Try your luck with email lists. Sending out job requirements will certainly help you get a response from someone who would meet your requirements just fine. It is not only an effective but a very creative way to hunt for the right resource. The best thing about it is that since not many people go with it, it gives you a competitive edge in the market.

·       You can always customize your list to suit your audience. Depending on the type of audience you have, you can start building up your own email list. This is an effective strategy in media based companies where the audience and market can make or break you. Choosing the right one, from the very beginning will give a great boost to your business in the future.

·       For all the blog writers out there, email list is one definite way they can stay in touch with their audience and followers no matter what happens. Since Google keeps changing its algorithm the search criteria keep changing too. In such times, when your content for some reason doesn’t fit any search criteria, you can always promote, notify about your work through email list. This will be your savior in tough times when you will have no other option.

·       Emails give you a chance to reach out to your customers privately. What you say to them, stays between you two. You have no other audience in the middle. This gives you a chance to build close relations with all your customers.

·       Email lists are one way to have customers from all over the world. You can get yourself an audience from every corner all through the power of email lists. This would broaden your horizon and your prospective market as well.


An important thing to note here is that you should keep building up on your email list. Sticking with one forever, will not give you much of an edge. It will ultimately bring you to a point of stagnation where you won’t be moving forward anymore. For this, it is helpful that you keep building up on your list and keep expanding your audience. You can do this through Facebook and Twitter as well. Just reach out to people and make them a part of your future customer base.

Emails are a strong communication tool that can serve many purposes. Building email lists helps you promote your business to a wider audience for free. You can always sell in new products, ideas or campaigns to keep your list interested in receiving your messages. Maintaining a friendly, honest relation for this kind of communication is very important too. Your words should speak out for you.

It is a powerful tool and should be used very wisely. Play by the rules and follow the guidelines and soon you will see the fruits of your labor blooming into something huge in front of you.