Can posting something on Instagram at the right time actually bring you more likes and comments? You might prefer to disagree with the statement, acting defensive towards the quality of your product or reputation of your business. But, do you really think posting a photo or video at 3 pm on Monday afternoon will actually ensure maximum engagement of viewers on your post? It definitely might not be the case.

Marketing your product or business to the viewers requires you to set a time that guarantees maximum viewership to it. This means going for a strategy that assures that your post will reach the target audiences at the time when Instagram usage is at its peak. Your strategy must also see to what day of the week will bring more traffic towards the post. Following are a few points about different time slots during a week when your post can be seen by maximum people instantly:


–        Weekdays Mornings before 9 am:

Usually, people have a habit of checking their phones immediately after waking up. Something new in their newsfeed will grasp their attention, which means more likes and comments on your post in quick time.


–        Weekdays Midday 12 noon to 2 pm:

This is usually the time when people get lunch breaks from their work and get absorbed in their phones while having a snack. This is definitely a better time to target someone who is not a morning person.


–        Weekdays Evenings 5 pm to 7 pm:

People usually get free from their work during this time and are going back towards their homes. This might not be the best time to target people who drive themselves but those who travel by bus or train kill their time by resorting to their smartphones. People feel more relaxed during this time and respond to the posts more enthusiastically especially if it is a Friday.


–        Weekdays 11 pm to 1 am:

This is definitely not the best time to target an office going audience but if you want to have younger followers then remember college students are always up during these hours working on their assignments or projects. So this might be the best time to take hold of their interest.

–        Weekends 11 am to 1 pm:

This is the time when most of the people leave their beds on weekends and have a start to their day. And I’ve already mentioned before about the prevailing habit of checking phones immediately after waking up in the masses.


–        Weekends 11 pm to 2 am:

People who return to their homes after enjoying a party or get together with their friends are mostly keen on posting their photos on Instagram. It is during the time when they are about to post something about themselves that you can make them notice the new update in your product.

Certain days of the week see more traffic than others for example Thursdays have become popular because of the hashtag #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT. People use this hashtag and Thursday to post their content which in no way relates to it but bring more views to their posts. It is also said that Sundays see the maximum interaction among users because most people are in a relaxation mode on Sundays and stick to their beds using smartphones or watching television. It is definitely wise to choose such a day that will inflict maximum attention and participation from your potential buyers.

infographic by Visual Content